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sunZapp is a smartphone app that makes it easier for you to have fun in the sun without getting burned. How many times have you been outside, doing yard work, watching sports, or riding a bike, and you've forgotten to apply or reapply your sunscreen? Ouch! sunZapp takes the guesswork out of sun protection. sunZapp's sun protection advice is based on your location, environmental conditions, elevation, sunscreen SPF, clothing, and UV Index forecast.

Now announcing sunZapp Pro!

sunZapp Pro allows you to take sun safety to the next level!  The newly available sunZapp Pro version allows you to run multiple users at the same time, making it easy to keep your friends and family safe. Each user can store up to 5 different profiles, which can be customized for your favorite outdoor activities. sunZapp Pro also includes a 5-day planner, allowing to you prepare for upcoming that lets you plan your sun proctection for upcoming outdoor activities.

sunZapp features include:

New for sunZapp Pro:

sunZapp was created by scientists with funding from the National Cancer Institute (contract numbers HHSN2612009000025C and HHSN261201100108C)and tested for accuracy and ease of use with people all across the country.

sunZapp is available in the iTunes and Google Play app stores.