Customer Testimonials

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  • "My son in very fair and blond. When we were at a backyard party in July I didn’t know if I needed to put sunscreen on him at 4:30 in the afternoon or not, so I consulted the sunZapp app. I was surprised to see that the UV Index was 7 that late in the day in Michigan. The app indicated that my son could burn in 25 minutes, so I put the sunscreen on him. It was easy!"

    – Elizabeth E., Detroit, MI

From the App Stores:

  • "Loved it. Really helps you know if you're getting a sunburn or not"

    – N Leslie

  • "Love it. I saw it in popular science loved the concept and downloaded it immediately"

    – Athens Rosado

  • "Gives you an accurate UV rating for anytime of the day at the very end of the questions! It doesn't take long to do and gives you suggestions how to protect your skin. Interesting app!!! "

    – DannyDenver

  • "Interesting and helpful. I thought that this app was pretty useful and it helped me to prove to my daughter that she needed to cover up!

    – YourMileHighness